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1) Does an amazing job at keeping me informed

As someone who doesn’t usually read the news, I love Five Digest because it allows me to be fully aware of everything important that’s happening with little to no effort. Reading it everyday has made me better at small-talk and much more confident when engaging in conversations at work and with friends. I highly recommend anyone who wants to become more well-informed and socially savvy to read this newsletter.

Emily K.

2) The best newsletter I’ve come across so far

I’m in love with this newsletter, easily the best I’ve come across among the tens that I’ve tried. I’m interested in a variety of things, not just one single area, and I found Five Digest to be the best at keeping me in the loop with fresh news that’s interesting and relevant. It’s super convenient to have all of my current events, business, sports, and entertainment news all in one place.

Matt L.

3) It’s become a crucial part of my daily routine

From the very first time I opened the daily email, I’ve been absolutely hooked on Five Digest. I love how informative and straight-forward the content is to read. It only takes two minutes to get through each day, which frees up a lot of valuable time that I can spend taking care of other things. Five Digest is the first email I open up after work and it’s become a crucial part of my daily routine.

Colleen F.

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